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Our company is a family business created in 2015.

The Manushrika Exports have modern manufacturing plants that produce a novel range of Chives & Mints products to the specifications and satisfaction of its customers. Our products are manufactured and analyzed by a highly qualified and experienced team that ensuring quality products to its valued clients all over the world. Our Product Supplied to UK , Germany, Poland, Austria, Netherland, and other major countries of Europe. At Manushrika Exports any order can be dispatched after 5 days on confirmation. The dedication of the people and new innovations in manufacturing technologies, have enabled the company to supply the highest quality products to its customers cost-effectively.

About Farm

Being raised in the nearby area of Chittorgarh, over 25 Acre Land (Approx. 75 Bigah) used for farming both Chives and Mint. Over 35 Farmers work together here and grow the chives and mint under strict supervision because they do not want anything to go wrong. The 25-acre-farm is home to different herbs that include chives & mint. The crops have high returns as compared to conventional vegetables adding that they are also high in medicinal and nutritional value.

Chive helps in sleep and muscle movement and in curbing depression and is known to have Vitamins A and C, magnesium, phosphorous and potassium.

Not to be left behind is mint, which is used to treat common cold and helps in curing sore throat, offers a fresh breath and contains Vitamins A and C, iron, calcium and proteins.

The herbs have a low maintenance cost because they are resistant to pests and diseases and the farmer is assured of market both oversees and locally. Also we have a good storage facility to maintain freshness from the farm to the market.

These key minerals make the herbs highly marketable particularly in the export market.

We have been exporting the herbs to UK, Germany, Poland, Austria, Netherland and other Major Countries of Europe.

Fresh Chives

The most delicate and diminutive member of the edible onion family packs a mild yet tangy punch.

Fresh Mint

Mint is commonly used in the form of tea as a home remedy to help alleviate stomach pain.

Take care of your baby's health!

Chives is used for medical purposes also.